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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:40

Atatürk Commemoration in Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools

Atatürk Commemoration in Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools
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76 years Gaziantep College Foundation of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died sadly commemorated with a ceremony in a private school .

Gaziantep news: GKV Private Kindergarten , GKV Private Primary School, GKV Private Secondary School, GKV Private Science and side of the memorial ceremony at the Cemil Flaming College of Anatolian High order GKV Private Schools was held at a public memorial service at the training campus .
First morning ceremony GKV Private Schools was held in the garden . GKV students bring in their flowers in a private school as Turkey's next four were found to be in silence , leaving the Atatürk bust . Hours 9:05 to show the students then bulunarak of silence before Ataturk's adopted the flag by reading a stentorian voice , they halve the National Anthem . GKV is held in commemoration of private school students studying education at different levels of Ataturk expressed his feelings on reading poetry . At the ceremony GKV appointed Director General of Taxation of Private Schools, and two students laid a wreath at Ataturk's bust . Are experiencing emotional moments of the ceremony GKV Private Schools students staged oratorio sections they offer the life of Atatürk military outfit. The audience at the ceremony were emotional moments can not be her tears . GKV Public Atatürk's favorite parts of dubbing Games zeybek games while taking care of the IT team GKV choir students drew great attention . Atatürk's favorite songs next to that place in Ataturk poems and songs in chorus the audience was fascinated .
Republic of Turkey founder and independence that accepts the most precious values ​​of our nation , the national struggle \"Freedom or Death \"of starting the death with password 76 . Year GKV indicating acres of growing aspirations and they are respectfully Private Schools General Manager assigned Vergili his words continued:Photo \"Basic principles of dignity of the Turkish nation and is living as an honorable nation . this principle is only possible to have full independence . how rich and no matter in abundance , a nation lacks independence , marital humanity can not be seen worthy of a high behavior from the position slave in the world. Turkey's dignity , pride and ability is very high and large. perish than live such a nation captive is better. great leader Ataturk , the founder of the Republic of Turkey , every Turk is absolutely required reading in Great Speech calling Turkish people so much love and trust . Independence of a nation's most precious value is recognized and the national struggle \"or independence or death \"passed away with the password of our ancestors began growing in the 76 year anniversary we remember with longing and respect. 76 years ago it with a unique mate for eternity , like our ancestors, patriotic farewell with tears flooding is flowing , the next day we have a four millions of citizens of our country is experiencing the unmitigated grief November 10 . Not equaled by any statesman in world history , this love is growing like a snowball in defiance year. Because of his leadership and reborn from the ashes of the genius of this nation owes him a lot . These lands, where the enemy were pressing their place leaving his boots and the true patriots who believe in him , each of us with extraordinary happened on this day abroad with a heroic epic struggle . Soldier had admired the world Atatürk , take the example of many countries state that man has made countless services as a national leader Ataturk beloved Turkish people . We get rid of the dark middle ages with the revolution he made . To modernization , modernity , secularism, equality between men and women he brought to this country , our direction has deteriorated , he returned to the west instead of the radical Arab world. Primarily protects even today validity , including the Civil Code has scored many laws and regulations. \"Photo GKV After going through various activities came to ask general commemoration held in a private school. Education institutions operating within the Authority held throughout the day with different programs of self-efficacy . < br/> GKV Private Schools memorial CHP deputy Mehmet Sugar held in , GKV Chairman Celal Ersoy and GKV Trustee and Board Member Inspire İncioğlu and many students and parents , school administrators and teachers attended.


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