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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 22:00

Assessment of Forestry Association of Clubs

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Rebecca Wood Besiktas president and treasurer Sea Atalay, the Association of Clubs evaluated the meeting held today .

İstanbul news: Photo Black-and-white team attended the Rebecca Wood , president of the Association of Clubs BJK TV made ​​statements after the meeting. Clubs Association chairman stating voiced everyone in a civilized manner ideas at a meeting of the woods, \"Efficient was a meeting. I joined a long time after the first time the Clubs Association meeting. The addressees of the Club Turkey Football Federation . We have expressed our concern , they said they had joined us ,\"he said .
\"< strong> has stated that measures were taken \"Photo referee room for everyone if the injunction to act like pressing it underlines could move out of the way Forest , said:
\"I am of a time referee room I went to the door. last season, the Galatasaray derby . the referee was inside . Deputy told me that the referee's pitch not want to leave and I separated therefrom by thanking him. I did not go to no timekeepers room than this. this works if it receives premiums everyone refers to this road. Facing such events should have a strong will . If we refer to it does not appear that way we will. Turkey Football Federation, said he would not let them in . Then there's no problem. Matches our especially the 4th, 5th and 6th are happening in the very match referees . They go into the event with radio speech . Somehow, these events are only happening in our day. Referee should not announce a scapegoat. There are many inaccuracies in the referee assignment. Turkey Football Federation, will serve until the beginning of next June. Everyone agrees that they are in good faith. We told them our concerns . He stated that the measures taken . We offer a positive contribution to beautify Football. This needs to be supported , not punished . I think the perception of the message we give . \"Photo Atalay:\"< strong> PRODUCTIVE MEETING WAS \"Photo Beşiktaş Vice President and TFF and club representatives of Clubs Association of State Marine Atalay Clubs Association said in a statement after the meeting , \"14 club president personally attended the meeting. Turkey Football Federation president , Central Arbitration Committee and vice president of the Football Federation of Turkey was also present at the meeting. It was a productive meeting of all organizations to come together . All clubs expressed their distress. We think Turkey Football Federation and the Central Arbitration Committee will consider our discomfort. Difficulties associated with Passolig were discussed. Tomorrow the President and the Union Sports Minister, the club will have a meeting . There will also be raised on this issue. The idea that referees have the right to discharge occurred and was expressed in the meeting room . Was the message of unity solving disorders . There are 18 clubs in the league. Fenerbahce not attend the meetings. Problems to be solved together. You have to go with this formation . Turkey Football Federation, the Union of Clubs is reputation . Federation president attended meetings several times . Better than to talk issues through the media these meetings , \"he said .

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