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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:47

Ashura Day in Gauner

Ashura Day in Gauner
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Gaziantep University ( GAIN ) Rector

Gaziantep news: Dr. Yavuz Coskun, magnification sharing the people's love , stating that they should reduce the share of suffering , \"This mentality of ashura and blues, represents a beginning as well as blessed . Who was martyred in Karbala Hazrat Hussein to recall is an effort to protect human dignity ,\"he said . Photo Gaziantep University Religion History \u0026 Civilizations Research Center Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality held at the Atatürk Cultural Centre by 1 Ashura day Events speaking at the opening of Gaziantep University Rector Dr. M. Yavuz Coskun, known by everyone Ashura's , but stated that there is a tradition of not understanding the meaning , \"Unfortunately , not put forward a cultural and social efforts on what the meaning of Ashura's and Ashura's not created conscious enough about what it means. We all know or Assyrians , we eat with relish we taste . Ashura while blues represent the one hand while also starting the blessed represents the re-existence, \"he said.
\" lOVE AND pAIN SHARED must \"
people's love and grow by sharing the pain , to reduce the emphasis on sharing the pain which should make it their principle Rector Dr. Coates , spoke as follows:Photo \"around here decomposes decomposes with Turks and Kurds and Sunnis and Alevis Is it possible we are to continue this existence? Contact submitted universal Mustku , our Islam is ordered Have them to us ? People Have another killing this rev ? Everyone peace religion in a world where rubbed no longer handful of people who want to encourage reduced and İslamafobiye this into Islam , we have not moved to the point ? Hz . to recall Hussein's actually not our duty as an effort to protect the common thinking of human dignity, sturdy? this land , geography, world everyone enough and our traditions given to us , the basic concepts that lived in the first millennium of the Turkish nation ,the cultural elements will not be enough to preserve this unity ? Sure enough , but once again, it's got to be aware of. bit of a let you know'that mirrors cut my way'he says, or , your face mirrors put the cut of your way . your mouth'Bra what's going on?'so he sound it out. \"Photo \" MIND our RENT pROVIDES not COMES SOMEWHERE \"the continuation of a Photo speech , history, culture, civilization, humanity , philosophy, occasional cases should be noted that such thinking yadda Rector Prof. GALLERY Dr. Yavuz Coskun, by experiencing everything the day of unity , takes kaybettirip the meaning , grinding with disposable logic of the words make emphasis on the inaccuracy of the motion concluded:Photo \"We can imagine what doing so on ? Then we feed with solid legs for us if you have a project of civilization of the future robust information and receive our civilization is ancient , the new information brought about by age and thought we would have to move into the future by feeding the outriggers. by enslaving our reasoning , we can not reach a location by renting our minds . Contact bestowed this wisdom , our humanitarian stance worthy of the sacred message and dignity of course we can do it . we have undertaken significant efforts to do always as university and hopefully after that we will always be in the effort of it. Hz . Noah , the Companions , all the great history of our Canakkale Emerging from the ashes of this country , including who brought back the past elders that again remembrance , I am goodness yadda . \"Photo \" asure a MEANS tO BE \"Ashura Photo from today's date , indicating that one of the most important holy figure conveys GAIN Religion History \u0026 Civilizations Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Concise zeynel say, is history , both Muslims as well as Christians and Ashura Ashura to do what the Prophet had said that today from Noah Most common culture that exists in human life. \"The symbol of unity and togetherness:asure tradition in the Ottoman Empire\"in speeches , Ashura Muharram being done by the creation of the world , the Prophet. Acceptance of Adam's repentance , the Prophet. Abraham's salvation from Nimrod's fire , the Prophet. Jesus rise sky Hz. Yusuf from the well of salvation , the Prophet. That events that are experiencing the many wonders like to get rid of the belly of the fish pointing Prof. Yunus Dr. Concise, said in his speech:Photo \"seventy Ahl al-Bayt in Karbala two people were martyred. This event has become an event that transforms ashura day of grief. This event is the Prophet before the half-century gave news of the Prophet , both Sunni and also met with sorrow by other Islamic groups , but especially Ahl al-Sunnah that people were converting to the mourning ceremony today. Today, Hazrat Hussein considered fitting for this treatment , no matter how unfair and how no matter how sad , divisions between Muslims and hostility should not be the cause. in fact, boiling asure until today the date today is contributing to social solidarity. which also has an important nutrient that is specific to the ashura made ​​in all events , the sanctity of all divine religions to treat the asure the brewing and respect for humanity are brought to the forefront . Because , materials has been a captain catering Although there are several in , eaten together , let us have been invited to become one. \"Photo GAIN Turkish Music State conservatory of Turkish by students , Arabic and Azerbaijani Lamentations read and Turkish folk music began activities with readings ; Rector Prof. GALLERY Dr. M. Yavuz Coskun, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Gur, Professor Dr. Türkay Dereli and Prof. Dr. Cahill Bağcı , Advisor to the President , Prof. Dr. M. Yasar GÜNDOĞDU , General Secretary Ercan Eroglu, was attended by many students with academic and administrative staff. After the program, participants were requested to Assyria in the Ottoman served .


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