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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:58

Ashura Catering from Kayseri Bar Association

Ashura Catering from Kayseri Bar Association
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Kayseri Bar Association because of Muharram Ashura catering was found in the Palace of Justice .

Kayseri news: The event, held in speaking Kayseri Bar Association President Fevzi coordinate , \"We are witnessing the month of Muharram in Karbala as an Islamic world have not received'll lessons from the events in the Middle East as today is the same Karbala flowing blood of Muslims ,\"he said .
Activities organized in Kayseri Ashura served by the Bar Association was held . Ashura Speaking at catering Kayseri Bar Association President Fevzi coordinate , \"Muharram , when we looked past history in terms of believing and sorrows with one hand pain, a hand, a month full of happiness. In particular, we Kayseri since the first day we came into office as the Bar regularly Muharram every year asure the roof under brotherhood , affection , we strive to create a tradition here of solidarity , \"he said .
'when the Islamic world, blood and tears of going through a process of us woefully'said coordinate , \"Muharram today as a Muslim world did not take lessons we take from the Karbala incident we witness the flowing blood of Muslims in the Middle East like the Karbala days . so asure only one bowl is not just sweet. maybe we need to understand more in the Ashura sadness , Ashura's in terms of suffering and to learn from the process that has a number of studies from the date I think it is a symbolic value. Therefore, today ashura's perhaps related to the connectivity of the disappearance of the conflict in Turkey, brotherhood re-consolidation of these lands , in this sense, the Middle East geography , and we need all to give a message , perhaps knowing aşuresi one occasion on the lessons to be derived from Islam. We will give a message on behalf of its share in the courthouse hallway Kayseri Bar Association . Hopefully all will get pain in the Islamic geography , \"he said .


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