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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:01

And in Ödemis Republic Karsiyaka Streets Site as

And in Ödemis Republic Karsiyaka Streets Site as
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Pay the district of Izmir , the tarring of the Regional Directorate of Highways 2 , as well as process taking place under the power lines are well maintained.

İzmir news: Photo Ödemis Karsiyaka district of the Republic and in the street of the main street , scraping and asphalt work taken while performing operations as well as power lines underground, took on the streets like a building site . In the region known as the Ovakent road, excavation work was done to take place under the direction of both the Republic of electrical lines Street. 2. Regional Directorate of Highways , paving Karsiyaka Street and scope of the works carried out excavations in front of the Mosque Köşebaşı . During the studies , most of the streets were closed to traffic during daylight hours. Power lines underground, taking the contractor indicating that the first stage of completion of the work the company's site supervisor Doğukan Kut, \"receiving district underground electric line continued throughout the intensive study said Emmioglu and our Republican district in the framework of the study. Taking underground in line at Republican Street , lighting We refresh the system , \"he said . Highways 2. Regional Directorate, stating paving work in Ödemis projected completion by November 20 contractor site manager Muzaffer Samet Cetin, \"We have completed the paving process in section up to Beşgöz Locality of county input . Currently Republic and the Karsiyaka Street we renew the asphalt . we did our other street infrastructure and etching process . here prepare to dismantle the infrastructure is not yet available , we will lay asphalt in the asphalt , \"he said .

And in Ödemis Republic Karsiyaka Streets Site as" comments for.


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