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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:16

AK Party group vice president Unal was the subject of Tgrt News

AK Party group vice president Unal was the subject of Tgrt News
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AK Party group vice president Mahir Ünal , the solution process will not be affected on 6-7 October event, but said both will be nothing like the previous 6-7 of October.

Ankara news:
TGRT the News Ankara Representative Batuhan offers Yasar'What's Happening'program as a guest AK Party Deputy Chairman Mahir Unal, spoke about the solution process. Unal evaluating the solution process , \"Against our HDPE has got DTK , there KCK YDGH there , ie in front of us there all the letters of the alphabet. Plus there Kandil , plus Imrali , there is Europe. We are trying to do something that is in this multi-structure , to end terrorism \"he said.
Unal, the conditions in the region that quickly changed , the government has also developed a practice to take positions according to the new location but'Assad that arm-in-arm , until yesterday, today are against you then voiced stayed in 10 years ago, said the opposition .
\" HDPE under the tutelage of ARMS \"the answer claims that the bottleneck of a Photo Peace road Unal,\"as meaning the solution process and to accept as HDPE , the organization has gone far beyond the ongoing negotiation process with Imrali . Solution it represents to a paradigm . the solution process, revealed very significant improvements in the social field . social peace environment, we accept the clashes environment and it is pressing for the continuation of peace and tranquility . Today, no one period to 90 in the region. Although the organization , the nature of its sources in terms of if you want to go to 90 . Hdp'n has no will; in the shadow of weapons , effects of weapons , making political tutelage of weapons. Hdp'n's empowerment need . Regions need to defend the rights and liberties of the people, \"he said .
\"SOLUTION NOT HDP-Kandil-Imrali WILL \"Unal said that intelligently directed the
October 6 to 7 events , \"Abdullah Ocalan and stopped because he wanted to Imrali events , operations , such as executing a perception stopped. 6 to 7 October İmralı'nın not stop the event will; area unless the person , peace is claiming welfare . 6 to 7 October events that you want folks are finished . Despite the one ring'I leave the solution process, the process was terminated from my not have the luxury anymore. Now in the state of oppression, not the pressure ; spoken printing organizations . One medic , repressive , authoritarian , no mind, no longer dictate the old state . Today's organizations imposing attitude bothers . Kopani and 6 to 7 October event was also milan this process. So we are talking these issues , we should talk before and after Kopani . The AK Party has led to better manage the process or have any goods to society. End of Nations has also put out the will of events . The only solution process of the organization , not just hdp'n and İmralı'nın will. Now the will of the people of the region , all our citizens living there , the Kurds will of our people in the process. Because they have come with this process , \"he said .
Unal, 10 years , arguing that the CHP's foreign policy is still read with the previous condition , \"2009 the difference between 2014 revealed major changes in the organizational structure . Autonomous region consisting of opportunity in northern Iraq today has emerged for the PKK in northern Syria . Qamishli ranging Kobani'yi , an opportunity arose in the region we call the Rojov . Assad is also almost tempted in , so have the opportunity to consciously open cards there. Was not enough , Isidor he got a skeleton in your hands. He changed the whole balance in the region. Almost legitimized the Syrian regime , thereby legitimizing weapon in the hands of PKK , all go under these conditions both region, and Turkey , as the organization is looking at is supposed to read again and foreign policy of the current conditions the main opposition party, the regions and conditions, foreign policy and the organization is still in 2003's conditions continue reading. Of course , we aimed the gun in a finale that left finally with the solution process ; but the organization is no longer in need of reinforcement arms legitimized a weapon was born on the chaos will continue to be seen in the region over the next 10 years. Very fast changing , dynamic location and position against Turkey's emerging requirements to be more practical . So'you more if you KolKol until yesterday Assad , now why are faced with'can not say . Conditions are not the same , \"he said .
\"The solution is a dynamic process , \"said Unal HDPE group vice president, Pervin Buldan'6 to 7 October event will continue from where it left after the process'was evaluated in the statement. Unal, \"about the solution process we are always standing in the same place . HDPE what our position does not specify what Imrali nor any other elements. We have an agenda, and we apply it . 6 to 7 October events will not affect the settlement process , but nothing will be as before from the 6 to 7 October event. We have before us HDPE , DTK has got KCK has YDGH ; that has all the letters of the alphabet in front of us . Plus Kandil , plus Imrali , there is Europe. Now we are trying to achieve something with all these multiple structures. We want to end the terror. We conduct negotiations to eliminate the infection. Such a perception is created ; if we are negotiating some of the rights and freedoms of our citizens in the region. Whereas termination of the terror negotiated here . Government does not negotiate with anyone their rights and freedoms of citizens . According to research surveys, 85 percent want to continue the settlement process. Hdp'y that about 60 percent of the vote with an armistice , he says should be left to the weapon. This means that ; hdp'n weapons and violence that has lost its legitimacy , even at its base , \"he said .

AK Party group vice president Unal was the subject of Tgrt News" comments for.


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