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  • 24 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 17:24

Age of Cancer Disease , Urology Week was discussed in

Age of Cancer Disease , Urology Week was discussed in
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At our age, disease, cancers associated with many diseases , including urology , Urology Week as part of the world were discussed.

İstanbul news: At our age, disease, cancers associated with many diseases , including urology , Urology Week as part of the world were discussed. Each year hundreds of thousands of people being diagnosed with prostate cancer, indicating that the subject matter experts , emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis .
every year in Europe alone close to 350 thousand new cases of prostate cancer detected were reported. Urinary incontinence and over the age of 65 are seen in one of every 10 people . Increased incidence of prostate cancer experts say all over the world , with a diagnosis of cancer in 24 percent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer , he says. All issues important to draw attention to Urooncology Association , Urological Surgical Association, Continence Society and Minimally Invasive Urology Association in cooperation with the press conference in Istanbul was held.
FAMILY OF PROSTATE Versa NOTE < br/> Advanced age , which has become a nightmare for many men with prostate enlargement and prostate cancer provides information about the Association, Prof. Urooncology Dr. Age Play, the higher the PSA level in the body increases the incidence of cancer detection voiced . Play, \"family history of prostate cancer in men with the disease more aggressive course. Hence, with a family history to the early ages to do the PSA test should be performed. Age of 70 and in those with PSA test themselves alone if you are willing should be done ,\"he said .

one of the men having this problem
heart and vascular conditions that can be experienced as a result of sexual problems also occur frequently underlined the Head of the Urological Society of Surgery Dr. Bulent Purchaser in terms of sexual health in one of every two men over age 40, mild, moderate or severe erectile problems arise , he said. Sexual problems of different reasons could be expressing the recipient , \"erection problem caused investigate sexual health , not yet asymptomatic cardiac vascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, a serious chronic disease for early diagnosis is important. Premature ejaculation every three men one problem and effectively treated edilebilmektedir.ka did sexual health again chronic illnesses in men as are affected , \"he said .
in the early stages was determined to
of kidney cancer diagnosed and treated, emphasizing the importance Urooncology Association Vice President Prof. Dr. Sinan Sozen , the \"kidney cancer, urological cancer in the third ranks . General population When we look at this , sometimes the first 10 enters into the can . Overall ranking the 2-3 percent among encountered a type of cancer . Around the world in recent years, doctoral transport early by providing with kidney cancer began to carry a different nature . We are now able to detect kidney cancer at a very early stage , \"he said .
Program , Minimally Invasive Urological Association Vice President Prof. Dr. Atilla Arıdog and Continence Society Board Member Prof. Dr. Bedrettin the areas of distinguished after his speech ended.

Age of Cancer Disease , Urology Week was discussed in" comments for.


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