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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:04

Actor Nejat Isler went crazy

Actor Nejat Isler went crazy
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The famous actor Nejat Isler , the Gümüşlükspor Güllükspor was mad that management was defeated by 2-1.

Muğla news: Photo in Bodrum ill and hospitalized for about 1 month after the treatment he saw the famous actor Nejat Isler went into administration in Istanbul Gümüşlükspor returned to the basement. Jobs also giving acting lessons to students at the university , he made ​​major changes in his life. The famous actor moved to Bodrum Gumusluk neighborhood to ignore the residence. Changing almost all of its life Affairs , gave himself to sports and teaching . Photo MATCH watching swooned Photo Gümüşlükspor which is a dark fans and management involved Nejat Isler , Güllüksp is-Gümüşlüksp went until displacement to match . The Gümüşlüksp to the town of Gulluk Milas fans stood and Works hop hop sit for 90 minutes. Score a goal coming in the last minute of the first half was 1-1. Athletes to the locker room with the joy of it works , motivated athletes . Nejat Isler , the second half of the match referee yelled from behind the fence , scolded athletes. Restless Works in any position , even if he did not sit for a minute . A nervous breakdown after the second goal they eat pass Nejat Isler's voice echoed in the stadium. Successive burning cigarette Affairs , punched the fence . Angry with the defeat of the team riding the car without even going near the famous players that motivate the players in the first half left the state .

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