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  • 12 Nisan 2013, Cuma 09:50

7 Things he taught us the red carpet

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Hollywood, the center of fashion and glamor, but the stars, elegant design, can be easily obtained in a few simple trick. You are walking on the ground in the world just is not that big as a podium görenlerdenseniz, you will find a few tips in this article.


Be careful selections of underwear.

Celebrities, major events, enter the pre-rigorous regime, but also deplete their bodies to look perfect, shaping, body sculpting underwear that flattens and removes the (Spanx, etc.) rely on. Fat, waist circumference and flat chest images of the past.


Black, sophistication.

The only common property

Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, but also both of the wear they love black. Black, fazlalıklarımızı stores and creates a smooth appearance. The same trick wine color, with navy blue and chocolate colors can be obtained.

3 However, do not be afraid of colors and patterns!

Think of a memorable red carpet pictures

, all of them in vivid colors, patterned models. Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Ralph Lauren ball gown or a signed signature canary yellow Vera Wang dress Michelle Williams think. The real trick, skin color, which color would go best and most beautiful parts of your body will reveal groups to know what you like.

4 Find a good tailor.

Most of the stars, before invitations sew clothes. But what kind? Differentiate your clothes. Most of the stores where you dress, your top will not seat properly, so find a tailor, and by staring at fitting parts.


Stand up straight.

technique when it comes to posture, which is the least attention. Pull your shoulders back and chin chin forward, remove the right to remove belly düzleştirecektir the neck thin, his cheeks show weak.

6 High heels should be your best friend.

high heels, the red carpet is indispensable. Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba, pregnant, wore high heels. High-heeled shoes, forces the body to stop properly, stop at your finger tips the balance upset, your body naturally compensates for this situation by standing straight and upright.



Nothing, image
illuminate more beautiful than a smile full of happiness. When you're happy
people, ready to take over the world against them, confident woman

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