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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:40

3 Footballer of the Deaf Futsal National Team Elazig Turkey

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To be held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia 4th European Deaf Futsal Championship in Turkey , which will compete in the Deaf Futsal National Team will participate in three players from Elazig .

Elazığ news: Photo from Bulgaria's capital Sofia will be held on 17 to 29 November date 4. European Deaf Futsal Championship . Who will attend the Deaf Futsal National Team Championship in Turkey , Switzerland in Group D , the team will fight with Israel and Moldova . Which will compete in the Championship Turkey Hearing Impaired Futsal National Team , Istanbul Municipality Hearing Impaired Soner Balci of the football team players , will take place in Sayyed Khan and Yavuh the Aydağ . Photo Elazig Mayor Mujahid infallible , Bulgaria which will be held in Sofia, 4. The European Hearing Impaired Hearing Impaired 3 players from within the Futsal Championship Football Team in the municipality stating that they were happy to send their national team, said that being able to serve the crescent and star jerseys come before everything else. President infallible , \"Elazig Municipality of the Deaf's football team have sent players to the shaft . Elazığ of these players played in the shaft , I believe they will represent the team in the best way ,\"he said .

3 Footballer of the Deaf Futsal National Team Elazig Turkey" comments for.


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