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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 19:41

3 Arrests of Illegal Loan Operations in Sakarya

3 Arrests of Illegal Loan Operations in Sakarya
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Sakarya held in a special bank referred to the courts and detained in illegal lending operations from 3 to 7 people were arrested.

Sakarya news: According to
information obtained, Sakarya Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Terrorism Branch Organized Crime officers, a private bank manager operating in Adapazari district , deputy director , made operations including operations chief and employees . 2 years follow-up results of the technical structures \"opposition to the Banking Act , serious fraud , forgery of official documents , pillage , usury, the introduction of a general safety hazard intentionally , arson \"crimes DB ( 50) EA ( 42 ) , MD ( 42 ) , He ( 35) HO ( 38 ) , SG ( 31 ) , MK ( 33 ) , MT ( 34 ) or ( 37 ), HA (31 ) and the name of the detained person can not be learned. 4 people were released after the police department operations . Referred to the Judiciary , 7 of D. B., E. A. and N.T. arrested, M. D., H. E. , HO , M. K. was released with judicial control penalty . Photo They directed the usurer who want CREDIT Photo Private bank manager, manager assistant , chief of operations and investigations , including employees bank customers news and tambourine , and the money in their account without permission provision of credit to use the commission appeared to be given to persons not eligible . With dubious credit for using false documents to many people without proper credit , they established \"Financial Consulting \"company money through fake documents , payroll and use documents prepared and brought undue credit . Persons who want loans that lead to suspects Jew , in this way they get a commission was understood that both parties are in charge large amounts . Parties to the complainant pay their debt weapons and suspects intimidated by threats , due to the bank over the difficulties in a vehicle loan payments received and taken car loan with fake documents as inflicted in a parking lot brought paid to the pads by automobile insurance companies of bank debt.

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