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  • 14 Şubat 2014, Cuma 14:55

1 liter of water Welcomes a Home's Energy Needs

1 liter of water Welcomes a Home's Energy Needs
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Nigde University Department of Mechatronics Engineering Asst.

Niğde news:  Nigde University Department of Mechatronics Engineering Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Umar Farouk Salvation, native has developed a hydrogen generator.
Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Umar Farouk Salvation, with a hydrogen generator stored in any industry can meet energy needs, he said.
Nigde University Department of Mechatronics Engineering Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Umar Farouk Salvation In 2011, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with the support of the Techno Venture capital has developed the hydrogen generator. 100 thousand in the first domestic support hydrogen generator the size of a small cage that said they had developed Asst. Assoc. Dr.. The salvation of the world, in developed countries alternative energy sources found among hydrogen, because increasingly become more important, he stressed.
Salvation in his statement,"Science, Industry and Technology of the Ministry, which was opened Techno Venture Capital support program, we applied a home's energy needs, renewable methods in order to meet a technique tried to develop. these techniques of a house in a daily energy requirement of 2 kilowatt hours've accepted, and that energy hydrogen can meet agreed. these energies to meet the hydrogen-generating system, we did. Our system 2 liters per minute produces hydrogen and 99.9 per cent purity hydrogen producing one system. our system One important aspect to be small and high performance to show. Here PEM technology we are using this technology nearly 85 percent yield power conversion to hydrogen can,"he said.
1 liter of water a house with energy needs welcomes
in Turkey solar potential is high, said Salvation,"Turkey's solar potential is very high. household in the solar energy and PV established, we believe we and the PV of which will be achieved energy hydrogenated turn can store. Nigde 'the sun potential seven hours but we had 5 hours as if we accept such a system, a house with energy to meet the needs of producing hydrogen that can have a system. Our device with distilled water works, pure water, hydrogen is turning 1 liter of water can be enough. Our system is totally domestic. herein work together with our friends we have produced. around the world on this issue leading countries in this system used at home have made it. Japan people home electricity and water needs with these systems can meet. Turkey we our work this system to lag behind that we are showing,"he said.

FACTORY able to meet the requirement of the ENERGY
they developed a maximum of 2 liters per minute of hydrogen generators produce hydrogen with a purity of 99.99 per cent said that out Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Salvation, this hydrogen, a house needs, or even hydrogen-powered vehicles energy can meet, as well as the energy sector, including chemical, metal, food industries can use when specifying project work colleagues Nebi Vest, Sait Ergöktaş and Rajai Sinekli work with, he said.

1 liter of water Welcomes a Home's Energy Needs" comments for.


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